1. How can I be a franchisee?

Interested parties can fill out our Franchise Inquiry Form. Our franchise manager will get in touch on your preferred time.


2. What are the requirements?

We're looking for business minded individuals/partners who are passionate about baking and restaurant management. Previous experience in franchising is preferred but not required.


3. What are the benefits of franchising a Kumori branch?

Kumori is the Philippines' #1 Japanese bakery that has continuously grown since the foreign franchise first opened in local shores in 2015. Sandwiched between a sweet spot between premium and mass bakeries, it's an accessible brand that is warm and beloved, delivering unique quality products, at easy on the pocket prices.

For site selection, thorough market research and evaluation are also conducted before a prospective space is offered to our potential franchisees. This ensures that the area and market suit the branding and audience for Kumori. Necessary support for operations, logistics and marketing are also provided such as, but not limited to, training, manuals, collaterals and marketing campaigns.


4. Do I need to be ready with my own site when applying for a franchise?

We would be happy to review proposed locations from potential franchisees, but the company also has available pre-screen locations, at any given time.


5. How much does it cost to franchise my own store?

Total estimated investment for full store would be PHP 7-8M, while kiosks would require approximately PHP 2M in total investment.


6. Are there other fees that we should consider?

Additional fees such as processing fees, reservation fees, security deposit, delivery fees and renewal fees must be taken into consideration. These fees are taken into account in the total investment detailed in #5.


7. How long is the term for the franchise agreement? 

Initial term would be 5 years but could be renewed with an additional fee.


8. When can I get a return on my investment?

Several factors play into ROI, such as location, rent, overhead expenses, etc. Typically, franchisees are able to recoup investments at an average of 3 years.


Interested in becoming a Kumori franchisee? Fill out our Franchise Inquiry Form and our franchise manager will get in touch on your most available time.